CIE 246:2021

CIE 246:2021

Colour Gamuts for Output Media
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Full Description

This document provides guidance on methods for computing and communicating colour gamuts for output colour reproduction systems such as printers and displays. Different methods for defining a colour gamut boundary are reported. A procedure for describing the colour gamut of a reproduction system is explained. A step-by-step method for calculating the volume of colour gamut is provided along with the colour gamut metrics for comparing two colour gamuts.

The document describes methods for visualization of a 3D colour gamut surface. A set of information required for reporting a colour gamut has been developed. Different methods of encoding a colour gamut boundary description are mentioned. Examples for the CxF-based encoding of colour gamut boundary descriptors are provided as electronic attachments to this document.

The publication is written in English, with a short summary in French and German. It consists of 22 pages with 7 figures and is readily available from the CIE Webshop or from the National Committees of the CIE.


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Number of Pages:22

DOI: 10.25039/TR.246.2021