CIE D001-2006 01-Jan-2006

CIE D001-2006

CIE Disk D 001 Rel 1.3: "CIE Photometric and Colorimetric Tables"

Commission Internationale de L'Eclairage / 01-Jan-2006 /

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This disc contains files tabulating the CIE Standard Illuminants A and D65, the CIE 1931 and 1964 Standard Colorimetric Observers, as well as the CIE Spectral Luminous Efficiency Function for Scotopic Vision and the CIE 1988 2° Spectral Luminous Efficiency Function for Photopic Vision (see ISO 23539/CIE S 010/E:2005 Photometry - The CIE system of physical photometry, and CIE 86-1990 CIE 1988 2° spectral luminous efficiency function for photopic vision).

The data on the illuminants and standard observers supplement the CIE Standards S 014-1/E:2006 Colorimetry - Part 1: CIE Standard Colorimetric Observers and S 014-2/E:2006 Colorimetry - Part 2: CIE Standard Illuminants (replacing ISO/CIE 10527-1991 and ISO 10526/CIE S005/E-1999, respectively).