CIE 198:SP1-4 2011 01-Jul-2011

CIE 198-SP1.1:2011, 198-SP2:2011, 198-SP3:2011, 198- SP4:2011

Determination of Measurement Uncertainties in Photometry - Supplement 1: Modules and Examples for the Determination of Measurement Uncertainties (4 Parts)

Commission Internationale de L'Eclairage / 01-Jul-2011 / 146 pages
ISBN: 9783902842015

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This report (divided into 4 parts) supplements Technical Report CIE 198:2011 Determination of Measurement Uncertainties in Photometry for the determination of measurement uncertainties associated with the values of selected quantities in photometry. It is organised in a 1st part (CIE 198-SP1.1:2011), which shows modules for the construction of measurement equations and three more parts with examples grouped with increasing complexity. The 2nd part (CIE 198-SP1.2:2011) deals with single output quantities determined from several different input quantities. The used Excel workbook and the Mathematica program for the detailed examples explained in this part are downloadable from the CIE webpage (address to be found in the document). In the 3rd part (CIE 198-SP1.3:2011) examples* for two and more output quantities are presented which are determined from the same set of input quantities. Examples* of quantities defined as integrals of distributions (spectral, angular, spatial) are presented in the 4th part (CIE 198-SP1.4:2011). * Till to date just one example in part 3 and 4 respectively is available, further ones are to follow.

The documents are written in English, with short summaries in French and German. Part 1 consists of 20 pages with 7 figures, Part 2 consists of 94 pages with 25 figures and 28 tables, Part 3 consists of 15 pages, and Part 4 consists of 17 pages with 2 figures and 1 table.