CIE TN 007:2017 (Free download)

CIE TN 007:2017

CIE Technical Note“Interim Recommendation for Practical Application of the CIE System for Mesopic Photometry in Outdoor Lighting ”

Full Description

CIE Technical Notes (TN) are concise technical papers summarizing information of fundamental importance to CIE Members and other stakeholders, which either have been prepared by a TC, in which case they will usually form only a part of the outputs from that TC, or through the auspices of a Reportership established for the purpose in response to a need identified by a Division or Divisions. This Technical Note has been prepared by CIE Joint Technical Committee 1 of Division 1 “Vision and Colour”, Division 2 “Physical Measurement of Light and Radiation", Division 4 “Lighting and Signalling for Transport”, and Division 5 “Exterior Lighting and Other Applications”. The document reports on current knowledge and experience within the specific field of light and lighting described, and is intended to be used by the CIE membership and other interested parties. It should be noted, however, that the status of this document is advisory and not mandatory. Any mention of organizations or products does not imply endorsement by the CIE. Whilst every care has been taken in the compilation of any lists, up to the time of going to press, these may not be comprehensive.